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In our city we have many young artists. We made this video to express our admiration for them. It is also a tribute to all the young people in the world who are not afraid to follow their passions and creativity.

Eduardo Arias

Eduardo was born in 1994 in San José, Costa Rica. He is an active member of Computer Clubhouse Casa de la Juventud Mora and Valle del Sol High School. He started exploring graphics editing and digital motion software since he was 8 years old. He loves film editing and collaborates with others to make great video projects. Eduardo wants to be a professional Graphic Animator and contribute with other young people around the world.

Jeremy Mendoza

“Mighty Jeremmy” is only 13 years old. He was born in San José, Costa Rica. As his nickname suggest he has great skills working on video editing and graphic design. His main interests are: Video Visual Effects and Color Correction. Currently he is a member of Computer Clubhouse Casa de la Juventud Mora, but in the future he wants to create his own cinematographic company.

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