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21st Century Girl

Empowering Women is developing these qualities in a girl to face 21st century challenges. This photo set was created by the artist exploring what important qualities shall help young girls to face 21st century. She express this message by portraying her self and peers. This photo set was exhibited in school and community AYV exhibition.

Poornima Meegammana

Poornima is a high school student of Pushpadana Girls' Collage, Kandy. She is studying ICT, Engineering, Marketing and Digital Media production. She was trained in digital photography, graphics and video editing through AYV program in Sri Lanka by Shilpa Sayura Foundation. Poornima volunteers in youth education and leadership development as a coordinator for UNHABITAT funded YES project Poornima has won Zonta Award for young women in public services, Microsoft Software Competition and Nano Technology Video Competitions in Sri Lanka. . She believes that youth media can help change the society. She wish to become a film director/cinematographer to produce youth films to help change society.

Mithun Kumarasinghe

Mithun Kumarasinghe Mithun is a high school student studying ICT, Electronics Engineering and Media. Mithun was train in Digital photography and video production through AYV program. Mithun is a student of Dharmaraja Collage, Kandy and a Volunteer Media Trainer for young people at Shilpa Sayura Foundation. He wishes to be a cinematographer to produce youth films for social change and seeks collaborative opportunities to engage in youth development and media projects.