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Nothing is Impossible

This media piece is about believing in your own dreams and not preventing your own fears to hinder you from reaching your goals in life. Tansy used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere to create a fun animation that encourages teens from 12-19 years to reflect on the fact that dreams can come true. After a long process of brainstorming on the right words for the media piece, Tansy constantly received feedback from her peers AYV students. This project was exhibited at the AYV Bonaire 2013 Exhibition. For more info visit: http://youtu.be/jRTjOaH2PRY

Tansy Piar

Over the last 11 years Tansy has volunteered at Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation (BYOF). In 2009 Tansy co-directed our anti-crime movie Den Gara 2, that teaches young people the facts about crime and violence, how they can help prevent crimes and how they avoid falling into crime related activities. As Tansy developed her leadership BYOF has entrusted her as the project leader for the HIV/AIDS Awareness Youth Movie "Nayza" project. This project’s impact on our island was beyond expectations.

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