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Bowing Down to the Earth

There is one day in the year when we have a chance to unite and give the Earth an hour of rest... “The Earth Hour” has been 9 years in the making. This event was started by WWF organization and it also takes place in Poland, even in my village. The photos show this event through the eyes of a young person. They refer to the environmental protection, commitment of young people, and encourage to rest for an hour... together with the Earth.

Agata Mroczek

My name’s Agata and I’m a young ambitious Polish girl, who wants to make her huge dreams come true. Photography is my passion... I also love riding a bike, yet it’s my main means of transport when I’m working during the photo sessions. I’ve mentioned I have big dreams... Well, I’m working on my language skills and photo techniques, because I’d like to go to the capital of fashion in Europe – France, and work as a photographer in the Vogue magazine. Some people say it’s impossible, but I strongly believe IT is.