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It Makes A Big Difference

This media piece is about changing your community one act of kindness at the time. Jeanviêr used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere to create a fun and creative animation to encourage teens on a easy and practical way to contribute to their community. Each small act of kindness is a step towards a better world. This project was exhibited at the AYV Bonaire 2013 Exhibition. For more information please visit: http://youtu.be/6p79Z_WR3qg

Jeanviêr Janga

Jeanviêr was a volunteer cameraman for two of our movies. He also volunteered as a radio-program maker for our weekly youth radio program. Finally, Jeanviêr leads a media team at Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation. In this leadership role Jeanviêr has the final responsibility for all promotional material (designs, posters, PSA’s, video etc) related to the project. In 2011 Jeanviêr joined the AYV program at Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation. Immediately he excelled by his imaginative skills. He always creates something original. It is this creativity that helped him win the Audience Choice Award for the AYV Aspire Awards 2012. Recently, Jeanvier was invited to attend the Adobe Youth Voices Summit 2013 this summer.

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