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Dear Child

Do you ever wonder about the most important things in your life? What really makes you happy? For us, the most beautiful experiences are those we live with our families and friends. They are a gift that we must take care because no matter how far apart we are, if we are loved by someone, we will always be at home. "Dear Child" is a fictional story that tries to represent what we really mean.

Ismael Mora

Ismael is a great “Scratch” Programmer but also is a talented Screenwriter. He is 14 years old and is a member of Computer Clubhouse Casa de la Juventud Mora. He loves to write stories and then create films with his friends using Adobe After Effects or Premiere. Ismael is also a Heavy Metal fan and one of his dreams is to make a music video for a famous Rock Band.

Daniel Cordero

Daniel was born in San José, Costa Rica. He is 13 years old and currently is a Computer Clubhouse member at Casa de la Juventud Mora. His interests are Video Editing, Graphic Design, Programming and Biology. Also he is a student of Ciudad Colón´s Highschool. Daniel hopes someday become a famous Biologist and Cinematographer. By now, He´s working hard in 2 short films with his Adobe Youth Voices fellows.