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With this poster, Angelo wants to raise the awareness to the impact that words have on someone else. Words can be supportive and nurturing to make someone feel good about themselves. We all have the power to use our words to make others happy. on the other-side, we can hurt each other on an even deeper level than ever before, with just our words. Sadly, many teens today use mean names as a form of bullying. Use your words wisely.

Angelo Alberto

Angelo is a volunteer assistant to the director for one of Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation's movies. He started doing radio in 2010 as a phone answerer, information reader, DJ, interviewer, editor, reporting, leading discussions and has developed today to an all-around personality at our weekly youth radio program. In 2011 Angelo joined the AYV program at our site. For Angelo media is the best way to encourage young people to be positive and act positively. As he always states "The more you highlight positivity, the more positive things will become". It is this sense of responsibility that drove him to raise awareness for bullying on our island by making a documentary. Recently, Angelo has been invited to attend the Adobe Youth Voices Summit 2013 this summer. As a student at Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation has Angelo grown a deep passion for filmmaking. He is a young artist that has a unique skill for telling a powerful story regardless of the media form.

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