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A Collaboration

A collaboration of three youth artists brought together by the passion of music. The video was made to showcase the connection three youth artists made while attending classes at MACLA. The intended audience are people who enjoy watching positive collaborations.

Luz Campuzano

It started when I was six, putting on my baggy sweater, my dad’s sunglasses, and using my brush as a microphone repeating the words “My name is lucy, my name is lucy” in a rhythmic tone, that I instantly fell in love with the rap culture. Throughout the years I knew I wanted to write..I just didn’t know what. Originally wanting to write books, I bought many journals but never filled them up. It wasn’t until one night in the seventh grade that I played a beat and spewed out rhyming words I didn’t even think I knew could fall so perfectly into place.

Connor Muschison


Cristian Aviles

Drum player

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