Adobe Youth Voices Awards

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What is Animation?

Bring life to art and freedom to imagination. Animation can take many styles, and for this category stop motion, hand-drawn, computer generated, Flash, motion graphics, or hybrids of formats are welcome. Submissions should explore issues that are important to you and present potential solutions for real change in your community.

Connect motion. Illustrate vibrantly. Share visually.

Cause and Effect: Animation Curriculum

Communicate unique ideas for environmental change in a creative and personal way. Check out this curriculum to find out how to effectively share messages using digital media tools.

Stories in Motion: Stop Motion Animation Curriculum

Want to address important global issues? Ready to share possible solutions? Watch this engaging three-minute stop motion animation project and get ready to create!

Stop Motion Overview Tutorial

Experiment with creativity and follow in the footsteps of many well-known animators. Find out how to tell exciting stories using stop motion by viewing this quick video tutorial.

Check out previous Award winners and be inspired!

Animation – Vacant

This project was created during an "upstanding" assignment where students where asked to use multi-media to convey a message about an important social issue. Dhenzel chose homelessness and used his animation narrative approach to see allow viewers to see through the eyes of a victim.

Animation Brings Ideas to Life

AYV Educator, A R Deepthi, describes the process her students followed, and what they learned along the way, as they created their Flash animation, CTRL Z, about an environmental topic that was important to them.

What is a Documentary?

Spark creative confidence. Inspire a world of change. Documentaries tell a story or share a perspective through the documentation of real life events, past or present. Projects for this category would be non-fiction videos exploring current or historical issues or pieces about a subject, person or persons. Submissions should explore issues that are important to you and present potential solutions for real change in your community.

Discover passion. Explore existence. Captivate Imagination.

Life Chronicles: Video Documentary Curriculum

The most powerful stories can be found in your own neighborhood. Documentary formats help share the lives of others in a unique and personal way.

The Interview Process Handout-

Ask the right questions. The key to creating a successful documentary is to understand how to plan and shoot a successful interview.

Simple Techniques for Capturing Quality Audio Tutorial -

Lights, Camera, SOUND, Action! No matter what gear you have, if you’re working with or without microphones, indoor or outdoors, remember that sound is extremely important. In this video you'll learn simple techniques that will help you capture better audio.

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Documentary – DREAMS: Un-Deferred

DREAMS: Un-Deferred is a documentary about young women and their dreams. The film explores girls aspirations, their struggle to pursue them and the promise and hope for young women pursuing their dreams.

Read about the Adobe Youth Voices Awards 2012 winning Documentary project:

Students working on a social documentary about volunteering at a local soup kitchen take the project to a whole new level and make a deep impact on the community and themselves.

What is Narrative?

Drift deep into your mind’s eye and craft an original story. A narrative video tells a fictional story, though it may be based on real life events or issues. Submissions should explore issues that are important to you and present potential solutions for real change in your community.

Construct legends. Develop champions. Transform lives.

Moment of Truth: Video Narrative Curriculum

Reflect on a real or imagined life of conflict and find inspiration for a fictional narrative film. Start building your story and share your voice.

Writing Prompts Handout -

Unleash imagination while answering interesting prompts that encourage creative writing and reflection.

Steps of Editing Tutorial -

Organize, Review, Edit. Take your time and be methodical throughout each stage of the editing process. Find quick tips in this short video tutorial.

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Narrative – Dear Child

Do you ever wonder about the most important things in your life? What really makes you happy? For us, the most beautiful experiences are those we live with our families and friends. They are a gift that we must take care because no matter how far apart we are, if we are loved by someone, we will always be at home. "Dear Child" is a fictional story that tries to represent what we really mean.

Adobe Youth Voices Awards 2012 Celebration

The Silver Medal Winners in the Narrative category of the Adobe Youth Voices Awards 2012 gather to celebrate their accomplishment and reflect on the experience.

What is Poetry?

Discover expression and step out of the ordinary. Poetry is the art of rhythmic composition, written or spoken. Experimental video is an artistic practice where standard conventions in visual art and cinema are challenged and commented on. Projects for this category include original visual poetry and/or abstract works. Submissions should explore issues that are important to you and present potential solutions for real change in your community.

Empower creativity. Influence Change. Ignite Passion.

Telling My Own Story: Digital Storytelling Curriculum -

Sometimes the most incredible stories can be found within ourselves. Dig deep and explore your own history to construct a personal narrative through video.

List Poem Activity Plan -

Collaborative efforts can produce incredible projects. Find out how you can work with others using basic art supplies to astonish your audience.

I AM Activity Plan -

Start practicing editing skills by editing self-images that include text, imagery, and concepts from an “I Am” poem.

Check out previous Award winners and be inspired!

Poetry – Beautiful Words

A powerful film created to convince those who are self-esteem deficient and those who are going through tough times that there is a way through everything, whether it be through art, writing, or other means.

The Power of Artistic Choices

Nicole, a young media artist, takes inspiration from her family to create something beautiful and purposeful in the wake of tragedy.

What is a Music Video?

Music makes the world go round. Where language can be a barrier, music can transcend. Music videos are visual interpretations of original youth-produced music, using original video footage tied to the themes and message of the lyrics. Submissions should explore issues that are important to you and present potential solutions for real change in your community.

Orchestrate notes. Master sounds. Connect globally.

My Identity, My Voice: Music Video Curriculum

Showcase musical talents, songwriting, and beats through a music video format and share the key personal issues in your life.

Conducting a Video Shoot Tutorial

Use this simple and fun explanation of how to create a high quality project with an efficient workflow to create your video.

Working with Microphones Tutorial -

Microphones are essential in the use of creating a music video. Learn how to take audio production further and master the technical attributes used in video production, music and voice recording, both in the field and in studios.

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Music Video – Polaroids and Films

Polaroids and Films is a music video about Luz's pressure to follow social norms and standards when dealing with the issue of her own body image and the way she sees herself.

Following Your Dreams A Gift You Can Give

Former youth media artist and current Adobe Youth Voices mentor Francisco sets out to create a music video to inspire those around him and discover what he has discovered for himself – everyone has the power to "Lead the Way."

What is a Photo Essay?

Projects in this category should be original photographs that tell a story, document or address critical issues and effect positive change, both locally and globally. They can be a single image or a series of images. Submissions should explore issues that are important to you and present potential solutions for real change in your community.

Capture brilliance. Communicate universally. Demonstrate unity.

A Place to Call Home: Photo Essay Curriculum -

Ask a personal question: "What makes home, home?" Create a photo essay that addresses any question of your choice and answer in a unique and personal way.

Shot Composition Tutorial

Whether you’re shooting still images or video, the best storytellers understand that how the shot is composed determines the type of impact your story will have. This tutorial covers the basic shot composition guidelines.

Assemble Reassemble Activity Plan -

A picture is worth a thousand words. Construct a collection of photographs and organize them to create a storyline. Engage your audience through a visual narrative.

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Photo Essay – Bowing Down to the Earth

There is one day in the year when we have a chance to unite and give the Earth an hour of rest... “The Earth Hour” has been 9 years in the making. This event was started by WWF organization and it also takes place in Poland, even in my village. The photos show this event through the eyes of a young person. They refer to the environmental protection, commitment of young people, and encourage to rest for an hour... together with the Earth.

With Thanks to Your Collaborators

Youth artist Moie reflects on her production process to create “With the Bomber or with the Bombed?” a digital photo essay, which was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival and talks about the people who contributed to her piece.

What is a Poster Campaign?

Make a call to action with words and images. Create a poster campaign to send a powerful message. Graphic design is a creative process of combining text and images for advertisements, magazines, or books. Projects for this category include original posters, collages, or campaign designs. Submissions should explore issues that are important to you and present potential solutions for real change in your community

Innovate Design. Revolutionize ideas. Modernize Thinking.

Making a Better World: Poster Campaign Curriculum -

Captivate, amaze, and astound those around you by utilizing skills in graphic design to create positive solutions and make a real life difference.

Hopes and Dreams: Graphic Design Curriculum -

Challenge yourself and imagine a world of possibilities while crafting a meaningful personal message that reflects on the perspective of your own lives. Find out how by producing distinct and engaging projects.

Graphic Design Tutorial -

Crafting your first a graphic design project? Before your start, learn the fundamental steps by viewing this simple tutorial that will help guide

Check out previous Award winners and be inspired!

Poster Campaign – Bullied

Words can be supportive and nurturing to make someone feel good about themselves. We all have the power to use our words to make others happy. On the other-side, we can hurt each other on an even deeper level than ever before, with just our words. Sadly, many teens today use mean names as a form of bullying. Use your words wisely.

Designing a Positive Message

When giving her students a graphic design project, AYV Educator Rachelle Berthelot, encourages them to design with apositive message and be truly intentional in their artistic choices.