Adobe Youth Voices Awards Finalists 2013

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Youth Power

Basic sanitation is one of our fundamental needs. Every human being should have access to it. But sadly that’s not the case. Many government schools in India do not even get enough funding to fix/clean their existing toilets, that is if they have any Girls, especially opt out of school because of poor hygiene and lack of sanitation. Poor sanitation also causes the spread of many diseases which could otherwise be prevented. This youth artist worked with his mentor, Gautam, a member of the organisation Reap Benefit, and restored the confidence to attend school by physically clearing debris, cleaning toilets and cisterns, fixing pipes and creating green areas.They took up work that many of us would rather not take up. As a result of their efforts, toilets are now functioning and clean, water is available in the schools and grey water is being channelized to water small gardens that the youth artist has developed in the schools.

project by

Rohit Satish