Adobe Youth Voices Awards Finalists 2013

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Women empowerment

The youth inquiring into what are the fundamental needs for Women empowerment found giving rights, responsibilities and respect from the world. They ask the viewer to empower one women says the poster. The youth group created this poster for "Women Empowerment" awareness campaign in their youth group. They exprees this grave need in detail ‘‘Land rights economically empower women, giving confidenceto tackle gender inequalities. It gives them bargaining power in and outside of the home. Allocating responsibilities belong to men help others to see women as equal members of society to achieve more self-respect and confidence for their contributions to communities. Empowering women in political participation, to vote , voice opinions, or run for office with a fair chance of election to make choices for oneself.’’ in the poster. This poster set was in City library and and school notice boards and on facebook.

project by

Lahiru Wanigasekara

Poornima Meegammana

Madhudshani Sandya

Medha Herath