Adobe Youth Voices Awards Finalists 2013

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Handicap isn't a Barrier

We, Dounia Project Participants, have produced this video to show people around the world and their communities that handicapable teens are courageous, smart, and ambition persons, who have dreams and hopes just like all other kids their age. During several weeks, We were honored to interact and establish friendly relationship with students of the Moroccan Association for the Hearing Impaired (ANPS), who have welcomed us with open heart and smiles! And have we learned a lot! Most importantly, Kawtar, Khadija, Khalid, and Marwan showed us that A handicap isn't an obstacle to success, and that if you work hard towards your goals, nothing will stop you from reaching them, not even a difference that others consider a disability! Credits should also go to : Erwaoui marwan Khaliid Idbali Motasdik Kawtar Inawi Khadija And the Staff of the ANPS, who made it all possible.

project by

Asmae Tahir

Imane Wadii

Khawla Riggada

Walid El Arch

Simohamed Bellakhdar

Oumaima Redouane