Thanks to Our Supporters

The Adobe Youth Voices Awards comes together with our supporters to provide additional resources and exhibition opportunities to help challenge youth to creatively express their vision for driving change in local communities.

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Ashoka's Youth Venture

Ashoka is the first and largest global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, and the pioneer of the social entrepreneurship movement — men and women with system-changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems. Youth Venture is Ashoka’s youth initiative that aims to help an entire generation of young people to develop as changemakers who will improve their communities now and throughout their lives. YV inspires and supports teams of young people to launch and lead their own civic-minded organizations and businesses. We believe that the greatest contribution we can make to the world is to increase dramatically the number of changemakers today and in every future generation. This is the key factor for success for every part of society, from a school to a company to an entire country.


For over 70 years, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper, plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more.