What is the AYV Community?

The AYV Community is a network of thousands of educators around the globe fostering young people’s creativity. Members enjoy free access to a comprehensive collection of media making curriculum, video tutorials, and professional development tools. Learn and collaborate with educators, upload youth media for feedback, request support with technical issues, and participate in a movement of educators unleashing young people’s creative potential.


“It doesn’t matter if you only have one old camera and a laptop, or a whole lab with new equipment. AYV curriculum gives everyone a chance to see themselves as media producers engaged in the professional process.”

Jeff Larson, AYV Lead Educator

Balboa High School/CAST Academy, San Francisco, California, USA

“My reaction when I first looked at AYV Community curriculum – Where has this been all my life?”

Oneisha Freeman, AYV Lead Educator

Clubhouse Coordinator, Atlanta, Georgia, USA


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