Adobe Youth Voices Live! - Boston, MA

May 27, 2010 at 6:30 pm - Today at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Adobe Youth Voices Live! presented incredible documentaries! Experience each for yourself.


The Three Little Geese

  • Runtime: 04:08

In this stop motion animation three geese learn about the consequences of eating human food.


  • Runtime: 03:08

This short documentary piece shows many perspectives from young people about love.

You Can Make A Difference In One Minute

  • Runtime: 02:32

This video explains how we can easily make a difference by saving water.

Who Am I

  • Runtime: 02:32

This video tells stories based on the students' real experiences with figuring out their identities.


  • Runtime: 01:20

This short video explores the reasons the students have for graduating from high school.


  • Runtime: 03:47

Students in this video act out a possible scenario that stems from a young women sending suggestive pictures to her boyfriend.


  • Runtime: 01:34

This video is designed to create greater awareness of depression by showing how depression can affect anyone, regardless of age and background.

The Influence Of 3

  • Runtime: 02:04

A young woman profiles the three women in her life that have inspired her. Her aunties.

Under The Influence: Racial Identity

  • Runtime: 03:25

In "Under the Influence: Racial Identity" a young woman struggles to find her racial identity.


  • Runtime: 05:55

Bridgeway, based on an original script written by the student producers, shows a group of teenagers dealing with the way they are perceived by each other and the surrounding world.

We Are From

  • Runtime: 00:53

This is a piece based on a poem we wrote together as a group. Though there are many ways Boston is described, we wanted to represent the neighborhoods that we are from and our experiences. What we see, hear, touch, and smell in our neighborhoods.

The views contained in the above videos are the views of the student creator and not the views of the Adobe Foundation or Adobe Systems Incorporated.