Adobe Youth Voices Live! - New York, NY

June 10, 2010 at 6:00 pm - Adobe Youth Voices Live! presents incredible documentaries at the Alvin Ailey Theater! Experience each for yourself.


Revenge of the Chickens

  • Runtime: 04:15

This humorous film imagines what would happen if chickens were to take revenge on Colonel Sanders.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

  • Runtime: 05:39

Students made this film about teenage pregnancy to show how hard it is to raise a child at a young age and to help young people make informed decisions in their lives.

Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt

  • Runtime: 05:13

Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt shows how domestic violence affects a young woman's life.

Stressing in School

  • Runtime: 04:18

This short documentary explores the causes of stress in a middle school and how to overcome it.

Our Bushwick

  • Runtime: 03:09

Students made this film to help people understand the culture of Bushwick, Brooklyn, as well as how the people in their community consider each other as family united to fight poverty and injustice.

My Brother

  • Runtime: 02:24

A raw, honest film, My Brother was created by the filmmaker to honor her brother who lost his life to gang violence on her 13th birthday. She hopes her work will help people to connect with losing a loved one and perhaps inspire people to stop being violent.

Against All Odds

  • Runtime: 08:20

Against All Odds is a personal documentary which tracks the filmmaker's passion for the game of basketball, as well as his journey through the college process as a high school senior.

Self Portraits

  • Runtime: 03:13

Using different techniques and elements of photography, students represent themselves in pictures and poems.

Long Dream

  • Runtime: 02:32

This digital story explores the distance between the filmmaker's life in New York City and his past in China: the same sky above us and a different world below.

Girls Can Do Anything

  • Runtime: 03:57

Girls Can Do Anything explores the lessons learned by a group of middle school girls on their trip to the New York Stock Exchange.

Problem Kidz

  • Runtime: 02:05

Students composed rap music and created a video to encourage teenagers to get good grades and act more scholarly.

Be Happy With What You Have

  • Runtime: 02:12

This digital story illustrates the difficulties of growing up in the Ivory Coast and the lessons that can be learned from hardship.

With the Bomber or With the Bombed

  • Runtime: 04:03

With the Bomber or With the Bombed? is about the atomic bomb, Japan, America, and how the filmmaker's life as a child with Japanese ancestry, born and raised in America, relates to all of them.

The Choice We Have That Dogs Don't

  • Runtime: 02:57

This piece is intended to raise awareness about puppy mills, as well as to educate people about the importance of making good choices when they are ready to give a dog a new home.

Rebranding and Revealing Truth

  • Runtime: 03:15

This film showcases student-made parodies of existing advertising campaigns that market to teen consumers in order to educate young people about what they consume every day.

Saving Earth

  • Runtime: 00:45

Students emphasize the need for each of us to do our part to save our planet Earth.

The Missing Lunchbox

  • Runtime: 02:16

This piece uses photography and sound effects to illustrate a playful story about a missing lunchbox.

Two Brothers

  • Runtime: 01:57

Based on a Korean folk tale, Two Brothers highlights the importance of sharing.


  • Runtime: 01:07

This short explores the fine line between confidence, over confidence and lack of confidence.


  • Runtime: 01:18

In this stop motion animation, students list ways you can get sick and ways to feel better if you are sick.

The views contained in the above videos are the views of the student creator and not the views of the Adobe Foundation or Adobe Systems Incorporated.