Adobe Youth Voices Live! - Seattle, WA

May 13, 2010 at 6:00 pm - Today at the Seattle International Film Festival Cinema, Adobe Youth Voices Live! presented incredible documentaries! Experience each for yourself.


Net Takes Over

  • Runtime: 5:55

A fantastic tale about a boy who gets lost in the world of technology.

Special Gardens

  • Runtime: 3:11

Learn how students in the Discovery Park Botany After School Club designed and created a native plant garden.


  • Runtime: 1:40

A young woman shares about the last year she has spent reflecting on her life.

Human Desolation Paradise

  • Runtime: 1:19

An artistic look at the environmentalism and the impact of humans.

The Hell Of Pollution

  • Runtime: 1:26

A story about environmentalism and pollution.

Betsy Learns About Judgment

  • Runtime: 3:48

Betsy takes a trip into the future to learn about judgment and social acceptance.

Immigration Stories

  • Runtime: 4:37

Students from Secondary Bilingual Orientation Center share the stories of where they came from.

Cooper Elementary School

  • Runtime: 7:57

A local history documentary about Cooper Elementary School.

What Do You Worry About

  • Runtime: 1:35

Worry and fear are a common experience, this series of short interviews uncovers some of the concerns that make us worry.


  • Runtime: 0:48

A reflection on ethnic identity and the definitions of skin color.

A Social Census

  • Runtime: 4:37

The personal stories behind the numbers at West Seattle Elementary.

Why Are You Here

  • Runtime: 3:34

One students message about empowerment: "We need to be the influence, not the influenced."

Welcome To The USA

  • Runtime: 3:20

This film on immigration focuses on interview with several recent arrivals in the USA, and offers advice on adjustment to life in a new country.

Every Girl

  • Runtime: 1:11

A film that confronts gender stereotypes and reinforces a positive self image for girls.


  • Runtime: 5:27

A video about why you should go to college, with a few tips on how you can get there.

Drunk Driving

  • Runtime: 0:47

Teens are often tempted not to listen to their family. This is the story of one girl's brush with drunk driving when she ignored the rules.

The Day I Snuck Out

  • Runtime: 3:00

Teens are often tempted not to listen to their family. This is the story of one girl's brush with drunk driving when she ignored the rules.

A Mother's Bond

  • Runtime: 1:17

The power of drug abuse can be a destructive force during pregnancy.

A Life Of Struggle

  • Runtime: 1:25

A story about family bonds and teen struggles.


  • Runtime: 4:50

The power of friendship overcomes teen drug abuse.

End The Silence

  • Runtime: 0:45

A documentary about the effects of homophobia and gender stereotypes on teens.

The views contained in the above videos are the views of the student creator and not the views of the Adobe Foundation or Adobe Systems Incorporated.